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The site is set up so the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen are always available to you to move easily from one feature of the site to another. The Navigating the Architecture link provides the actual Architecture definition and let the viewer explore the architecture in detail. The architecture can also be downloaded in the Turbo Architecture database format by clicking the Turbo Db link or by downloading the file from the Documents and Files link in the left side frame.

Upon project deployment, "as deployed" project information can be submitted for incorporation into the NV ITS Architecture definition by clicking on the Maintaining the Architecture link. To learn more about how VDOT NRO plans and delivers ITS projects and how the architecture is incorporated into the process, click on the Planning and Program Delivery Process link.

To learn more about the NV ITS Architecture Development and about ITS in general, click on Background which includes FAQs, ITS Glossary, list of acronyms, and a brief project background. Project reports, documentation, and presentations are available by clicking on the Documents and Files link.

Disclaimer: This site is designed for transportation and other public agencies in the Northern Virginia region,
not for the general public's use. The official VDOT web site is located at