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Traveler Information Program Area

Traveler Information refers to the dissemination of any trip or route-related information provided to a traveler or potential traveler. This information may include: real-time traffic conditions, construction information, weather information, emergency advisories and alerts, the availability and conditions of public transportation, parking availability, and information concerning carpooling, ride-sharing and transit connections.

NRO is currently involved in many traveler information activities, including those focusing on NRO-owned and operated systems as well as those that entail coordination with VDOT statewide systems and/or regional systems operated by other agencies in Northern Virginia. NRO provides travelers information through the statewide 511 telephone system and a new, updated website; operates just over 200 DMS; operates a highway advisory radio (HAR) system; and shares traveler information with the media and private-sector vendors who in turn disseminate the information to travelers, including various "value-added" features like weather information and customized information. NRO also operates a customer service center that travelers can call for information. NRO also shares traffic video data through a central video clearinghouse to other public and private agencies as well as to the public.

The following strategies carry out traveler information-related activities:

  1. Device Master Planning and Project Development
  2. Travel Times on DMS and 511
  3. D.C. Region Traveler Information Efforts
  4. Portable Technologies for Construction Zones
  5. Traveler Information Kiosks and Displays
  6. Real-Time Multi-modal Traveler Information
  7. Regionally Disseminated Real-Time Park-and-Ride Information
  8. Alternative Data Collection and Fusion Approaches

Market Packages

The market packages most associated with traveler information include the following:

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