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Data Management Program Area

Data Management includes activities for collecting, archiving, managing, and distributing data generated from technology and non-technology sources for use in transportation administration, policy evaluation, safety, planning, performance monitoring, program assessment, operations, and research applications. Activities also include preparation of data products that can serve as inputs to federal, state, and local data reporting systems.

Through the Virginia Archived Data Management System (ADMS) system and RITIS, NRO has access to archived traffic operations data for planning and mobility performance measurement, improved operational effectiveness, and decision support. ADMS Virginia is hosted at the Smart Travel Lab at the University of Virginia and is the statewide repository for traffic data. RITIS is a Washington, D.C., regional system hosted at the University of Maryland that archives data from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia for research purposes. RITIS archives incident timeline data from the NRO TOC. Using these systems, VDOT, universities, and other stakeholders can query for archived data in many different formats and use that data for analysis and performance measurement.

The following strategies carry out data management related activities:

  1. Freeway Performance Monitoring System
  2. NRO Dashboard
  3. Quarterly Report on NRO System Performance
  4. Using Archived/Historical Data in Operations

Market Packages

The market package associated with archived data management is:

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