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Construction and Work Zone Management Program Area

Construction and Work Zone Management focuses on improving the mobility and safety in work zones and construction sites. While maintaining the full carrying capacity and accommodation for all users is usually not possible during construction, in most instances, the public must have some form of access through or around the work site. Even when reductions, closures, and rerouting are not necessary, construction activity often reduces quality of service for roadway users because it can be distracting and cause temporary disruptions. Developing traffic management plans, improving alternate routes of travel, providing temporary facilities, staging work to occur in off-peak hours, and providing police officer control are ways to reduce the impact of construction on roadway operations.

Given the major transportation construction taking shape in Northern Virginia, this area has become a major focus for NRO. Approximately $6.0 Billion in construction activity is planned to commence in 2008 and continue through 2012 and beyond. Major projects will occur concurrently, placing a great burden through out the region. These include construction of 14 miles of HOT lanes on I-495, 56 miles of HOT lanes on I-395/95, I-95 widening between Newington and Dumfries, I-495 widening, and I-495/Telegraph Road interchange improvements, and Dulles Rail in Tysons Corner.

NRO directs activity in work zones, controls traffic through portable DMS and informs other centers of their activity (e.g., SSP, VSP, local public safety centers, traffic signal centers, and transit centers). Work zone information is also shared with the VA Traffic system for internal and public dissemination (through the 511 service)

NRO has maintenance facilities throughout the region.

A new section within NRO, the Operations Maintenance group, manages the repair and maintenance of equipment such as traffic controllers, detectors, dynamic message signs, signals, pavement marking, traffic static signs, and other equipment associated with the operational roadway infrastructure.

The following strategies carry out construction and work zone management related activities:

  1. Transportation Management Plan (TMP) Development and Implementation
  2. Advanced Technology Applications in Highway Construction Zones
  3. Lane Closure Advisory Management System (LCAMS)

Market Packages

The market packages most associated with construction and work zone management activities include the following:

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