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Asset Management Program Area

Asset Management utilizes systematic approaches to the management of highway assets. This area includes refining and advancing the use of existing asset management systems and developing systems where they presently do not exist.

NRO has created a separate group dedicated to maintenance, installation and construction of technology field equipment including DMS, HAR, and traffic detectors. These activities will be supplemental to the activities carried out by the traditional maintenance and construction divisions within the VDOT NoVA District. A GIS database has been created with all of the operations technology field equipment. In addition, statewide, there is ongoing development of an integrated asset management system called Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS). This system is used to coordinate maintenance and construction activities statewide.

The following strategies carry out asset management related activities:

  1. Operations Technology Field Asset Coordination During Construction
  2. Maintain GIS Database of Technology Assets
  3. Traffic Signal Asset Management

Market Packages

Currently, there are no market packages in the regional architecture directly addressing this topic.

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