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Planning and Program Delivery Process

Planning Process - Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

During the Program Evaluation step of the NRO PPD Process, project documentation for all projects completed in a given fiscal year are compiled and assessed to determine progress made towards the NRO Vision and to assess the project’s contribution to the current fiscal year’s goals.

Based on the assessment of compiled project documentation, a Year End Report is produced. The Year End Report provides a snapshot of accomplishments achieved during a given fiscal year.

Activity Initiator(s) / Actor(s)
  1. Compile and assess project documentation from all projects completed within a given fiscal year. Collect and compile performance measure data and financial spending data.
NRO Planning and Programming Staff
  1. Interview NRO Section and Project Managers to determine significant fiscal year accomplishments
NRO Planning and Programming Staff / NRO Section Managers / NRO Project Managers
  1. Prepare Year End Report
NRO Planning and Programming Staff

To "close the loop" or complete the cycle, Year End Reports are ultimately used as input to the maintenance of the suite of NRO long-range planning documents.

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