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Planning and Program Delivery Process

Planning Process - Planning


The Planning step addresses NRO’s "long-range" planning and represents the cornerstone from which the annual NRO Program is developed. The suite of NRO "long-range" planning documents includes:

  • NRO Strategic Plan
    The NRO Strategic Plan charts the direction for NRO by establishing a vision for regional transportation operations and identifying needs, goals and objectives that address the established vision and performance measures used to evaluate progress toward achieving the vision.
  • Northern Virginia ITS Architecture
    The Northern Virginia ITS Architecture identifies planned and existing regional ITS systems, interfaces and services and provides a framework for the deployment of interoperable regional ITS. A NRO Operations Concept is also defined within the Northern Virginia ITS Architecture.
  • NRO ITS Device Master Plans
    NRO ITS Master Plans provide a roadmap for the expansion of ITS throughout the region based on operational needs. Operational needs were identified through the development of Concepts of Operation for core ITS devices (e.g. DMS, CCTV cameras and detection devices), telecommunications infrastructure, and services.

These plans are developed to guide the strategic direction and delivery of the region’s operations program over a 4-6 year planning horizon and are maintained regularly based on annual accomplishments.

Activity Initiator(s) / Actor(s)
  1. Annually update NRO suite of long-range planning documents based on accomplishments.
NRO Planning Staff

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