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2005 Version 2.1 Architecture Changes

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The following describe the minor changes to the VDOT NoVA ITS Architecture based on validation meetings with stakeholders, and other VDOT NoVA tasks since April 2005.

Stakeholder Updates


  • Deleted Electronic Payment Smart Tag Clearinghouse. VDOT Central Office is the primary stakeholder for Smart Tag Systems
  • Deleted Maryland Transit Administration (MTA). The stakeholder may reappear in future updates if VDOT NoVA anticipates any interactions with MTA.
  • Deleted VA Park Services.
  • Deleted Generic VDOT Stakeholder.


  • Renamed Regional ISPs to Private Sector ISPs
  • Split VDOT Central Office Stakeholder into three VDOT Central Office - Administration, VDOT Central Office - Operations, VDOT Central Office - Emergency Operations
  • Added Private HOT Operators

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System Inventory Updates

  • Deleted Virginia Transportation Information Portal
  • Renamed Adjacent VDOT STCs to VDOT Adjacent STCs
  • Renamed DC Public Safety and Emergency Center to DC Public Safety and Emergency Centers
  • Renamed Laptop Computers to VDOT Remote Operations
  • Renamed Mobile Unified Command to VSP Mobile Unified Command Center
  • Renamed National Park Services to National Park Service Centers DC-MD
  • Renamed NoVA Sections to VDOT NoVA Sections
  • Renamed Other STCs to VDOT Other STCs
  • Renamed Regional Transit Electonic Clearinghouse to Regional SmarTrip Fare Payment Clearinghouse
  • Renamed RWIS to VDOT RWIS
  • Renamed Smart Tag Center to VDOT Smart Tag Center
  • Renamed Statewide 511 Virginia to VDOT Statewide 511
  • Renamed Virginia National Park Service Center to National Park Service-VA
  • Renamed Virginia Toll Facility Centers to Other Toll Facility Centers
  • Renamed WMATA Transit Bus (BRTA) to WMATA Transit Vehicle
  • Added a new element HOT Traffic Management Centers
  • Added a new element National Capital Region 511
  • Added a new element Regional Transit Database
  • Added a new element Maryland Local Public Safety and Emergency Management Centers

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Market Packages Updates

No changes were made during this update .

Information Flows Updates

Turbo software was used to build the information flows and the interfaces. Various new flows and interconnections were identified and customized based on meetings and phone calls with stakeholders. Please refer to the task report for details on changes to interfaces. (NoVA ITS Architecture v. 2.1 Update - Final Report)

All the information flow diagrams were recreated and the operational concept for each of them revised and updated.

Operating Concept Updates

VDOT has identified a separate task (Task D-3) for a NoVA-specific Concept of Operations (COO) Development.

In addition to roles and responsibility statements in the Turbo Database, VDOT NoVA architecture also defined operating concepts by information flow diagrams. Each information flow diagram has a concept of operations associated with it on the website. Another source for concept of operations is the customized market package descriptions on the website.

A separate tab was added to the main menu called "Op. Concept" which leads to a page with a list of all the available information flow diagrams.

Functional Requirements Updates

Functional requirements are high-level descriptions of what each part of the regional ITS system must do. They are normally expressed as "shall statements".

To ensure readability, the “shall” statements are not provided on the website. They are available in the Turbo database where these statements can be viewed by element.

The website only lists the functional area and the functional area description for each element at the bottom of the element page.

Previous Updates

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