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Market Packages

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Northern Virginia ITS System Market Packages

The following is a listing of Market Packages. Clicking on a system market package will provide a description of the market package and elements that are associated with it.

ATMS01 - Network Surveillance

ATMS02 - Traffic Probe Surveillance

ATMS03 - Surface Street Control

ATMS04 - Freeway Control

ATMS05 - HOV Lane Management

ATMS06 - Traffic Information Dissemination

ATMS07 - Regional Traffic Management

ATMS08 - Traffic Incident Management System

ATMS09 - Traffic Decision Support and Demand Management

ATMS10 - Electronic Toll Collection

ATMS16 - Parking Facility Management

ATMS18 - Reversible Lane Management

ATMS19 - Speed Monitoring

ATMS20 - Drawbridge Management

ATMS21 - Roadway Closure Management

MC01 - Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking

MC02 - Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance

MC03 - Road Weather Data Collection

MC04 - Weather Information Processing and Distribution

MC05 - Roadway Automated Treatment

MC06 - Winter Maintenance

MC07 - Roadway Maintenance and Construction

MC08 - Work Zone Management

MC10 - Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination

APTS01 - Transit Vehicle Tracking

APTS02 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations

APTS03 - Demand Response Transit Operations

APTS04 - Transit Fare Collection Management

APTS05 - Transit Security

APTS06 - Transit Fleet Management

APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination

APTS08 - Transit Traveler Information

APTS09 - Transit Signal Priority

APTS10 - Transit Passenger Counting

ATIS01 - Broadcast Traveler Information

ATIS02 - Interactive Traveler Information

CVO06 - Weigh-In-Motion

CVO10 - HAZMAT Management

EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch

EM02 - Emergency Routing

EM04 - Roadway Service Patrols

EM05 - Transportation Infrastructure Protection

EM06 - Wide-Area Alert

EM07 - Early Warning System

EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery

EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management

EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information

AD1 - ITS Data Mart

AD3 - ITS Virtual Data Warehouse



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