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Disaster Traveler Information


This market package uses the information obtained from agencies that responded to a threat or natural disaster (e.g., Federal Installations and Law Enforcement, Virginia National Park Service Center, National Park Services, Virginia State Police) to provide disaster-related traveler information to the general public, including evacuation and reentry information and other information concerning the operation of the transportation system during a disaster. This market package collects information from multiple sources including the VDOT NRO MPSTOC -TOC, VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Center, NRO Local TOC, NRO Local Public Safety Centers, and Shelter Centers. The collected information is processed and the public is provided with disaster and evacuation information through the Virginia Statewide 51 system or Virginia Statewide Travel Time Clearinghouse. A disaster will stress the surface transportation system since it may damage transportation facilities at the same time that it places unique demands on these facilities to support public evacuation and provide access for emergency responders. Similarly, a disaster may interrupt or degrade the operation of many traveler information systems at the same time that safety-critical information must be provided to the traveling public. This market package keeps the public informed in these scenarios, using all available means to provide information about the disaster area including damage to the transportation system, detours and closures in effect, special traffic restrictions and allowances, special transit schedules, and real-time information on traffic conditions and transit system performance in and around the disaster. This market package also provides emergency information to assist the public with evacuations when necessary. Information on mandatory and voluntary evacuation zones, evacuation times, and instructions are provided. Available evacuation routes and destinations and current and anticipated travel conditions along those routes are provided so evacuees are prepared and know their destination and preferred evacuation route. Information on available transit services and traveler services (shelters, medical services, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) is also provided. In addition to general evacuation information, this market package provides specific evacuation trip planning information that is tailored for the evacuee based on origin, selected destination, and evacuee-specified evacuation requirements and route parameters.

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Elements Associated with Disaster Traveler Information



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