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Evacuation and Reentry Management


This market package supports evacuation of the general public of the NRO area from a disaster area and allows the traffic and emergency agencies to manage reentry to the disaster area. The market package addresses evacuations for all types of disasters, including disasters like hurricanes that are anticipated and occur slowly, allowing a well-planned orderly evacuation, as well as disasters like terrorist acts that occur rapidly, without warning, and allow little or no time for preparation or public warning. This market package supports coordination of evacuation plans among the Federal Installations and Law Enforcement, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Centers, Shelter Centers, Virginia State Police, VDOT NRO MPSTOC -TOC, VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Center, NRO Local TOCs, other state and local transportation, emergency, and law enforcement agencies that may be involved in a large-scale evacuation. All affected jurisdictions (e.g., states and counties) at the evacuation origin, evacuation destination, and along the evacuation route are informed of the plan. Information is shared with traffic management agencies to implement special traffic control strategies and to control evacuation traffic, including traffic on local streets and arterials as well as the major evacuation routes. Reversible lanes, shoulder use, closures, special signal control strategies, and other special strategies may be implemented to maximize capacity along the evacuation routes. NRO Local Transit Center resources play an important role in an evacuation, removing many people from an evacuated area while making efficient use of limited capacity. Evacuations are also supported by EM10, the "Disaster Traveler Information" market package, which keeps the public informed during evacuations.

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Elements Associated with Evacuation and Reentry Management



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