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Disaster Response and Recovery


This market package enhances the ability of the surface transportation system to respond to and recover from disasters. It addresses the most severe incidents that require an extraordinary response from outside the local community. All types of disasters are addressed including natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, winter storms, etc.) and technological and man-made disasters (hazardous materials incidents, nuclear power plant accidents, and national security emergencies such as nuclear, chemical, biological, and radiological weapons attacks). The market package supports coordination of emergency response plans and general plans developed before a disaster as well as specific tactical plans with short time horizon that are developed as part of a disaster response among the various emergency responding agencies in the NRO area including Federal Installation and Law Enforcement and DC Homeland Security and Emergency Centers. The market package provides enhanced access to the scene for response personnel and resources, provides better information about the transportation system in the vicinity of the disaster, and maintains situation awareness regarding the disaster itself through the Mobile Unified Command. The market package identifies the key points of integration between transportation systems and the public safety, emergency management, and other allied organizations that form the overall disaster response. The VDOT NRO MPSTOC -TOC, VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Center, and NRO Local TOCs has the capability to implement special traffic control strategies and detours and restrictions to effectively manage traffic in and around the disaster. VDOT NOVA District Maintenance can provide damage assessment of road network facilities and manages service restoration. NRO Local Transit Centers can provide a similar assessment of status for transit facilities and modifies transit operations to meet the special demands of the disaster. As immediate public safety concerns are addressed and disaster response transitions into recovery, this market package supports transition back to normal transportation system operation, recovering resources, managing on-going transportation facility repair, supporting data collection and revised plan coordination, and other recovery activities. Disaster Response and Recovery is also supported by EM10, the "Disaster Traveler Information" market package that keeps the public informed during a disaster response. See that market package for more information.

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Elements Associated with Disaster Response and Recovery



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