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Traffic Incident Management System


This market package represents the VDOT NRO MPSTOC-TOC, VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Center and NRO Local TOCs capability to manage both unexpected incidents and planned events so that the impacts to the transportation network and traveler safety are minimized. The market package includes incident detection capabilities through roadside surveillance devices (e.g. CCTV) and through regional coordination with other traffic management agencies (e.g., DDOT CapTOP, Maryland CHART SOC, VDOT Richmond TOC, VDOT Staunton TOC), VDOT NOVA District Construction Management and emergency management centers (e.g. DC Homeland Security and Emergency Centers, Fairfax County Public Safety Communications Center - MPSTOC, VSP Center- MPSTOC) as well as VDOT Arlington SSP Center, CAPWIN, IEN, Virginia National Park Service Center, National Park Service, and Special Event Promoters. Information from these diverse sources is collected and correlated by this market package to detect and verify incidents and implement an appropriate response. This market package supports traffic operations personnel in developing an appropriate response in coordination with emergency management, maintenance and construction management, and other incident response personnel to confirmed incidents. Depending on the nature of the incident, the response may include traffic control strategy modifications or resource coordination between centers identified above along with Mobile Unified Command. Incident response also includes presentation of information to affected travelers using the Traffic Information Dissemination market package and dissemination of incident information to travelers through the Media, Private Sector ISP Centers, VDOT Video Clearinghouse, Virginia Statewide Information Clearinghouse. Incident information is also shared with other agencies that might be impacted by the event such as NRO Local Transit Centers, Freight Rail Operations, and the MWAA Center.

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Elements Associated with Traffic Incident Management System



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