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Commercial Vehicle Administration Subsystem


The Commercial Vehicle Administration Subsystem will operate at one or more fixed locations within a region. This subsystem performs administrative functions supporting credentials, tax, and safety regulations. It issues credentials, collects fees and taxes, and supports enforcement of credential requirements. This subsystem communicates with the Fleet Management Subsystems associated with the motor carriers to process credentials applications and collect fuel taxes, weight/distance taxes, and other taxes and fees associated with commercial vehicle operations. The subsystem also receives applications for, and issues special Oversize/Overweight and HAZMAT permits in coordination with other cognizant authorities. The subsystem coordinates with other Commercial Vehicle Administration Subsystems (in other states/regions) to support nationwide access to credentials and safety information for administration and enforcement functions. This subsystem supports communications with Commercial Vehicle Check Subsystems operating at the roadside to enable credential checking and safety information collection. The collected safety information is processed, stored, and made available to qualified stakeholders to identify carriers and drivers that operate unsafely.

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