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RITIS - Inventory Element

Status: Existing


The Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) emphasizes data fusion and its relationship to data collection, regional transportation systems management, regional traveler information dissemination, and systems evaluation. RITIS takes transportation related data and fuses that data into regional information that can be used to enhance regional traveler information and transportation management functions performed by member agencies.

Stakeholder: Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination (MATOC) 

Systems Interconnected with RITIS

Interconnect Diagram

Information Flow Diagrams which include RITIS:

Information Flows to/from RITIS:

RITIS flows into icon CapWIN RITIS flows into icon DDOT TMC RITIS flows into icon Fredericksburg Regional Transit System RITIS flows into icon HOT Operations Center RITIS flows into icon MATOC Center RITIS flows into icon MDSHA CHART SOC RITIS flows into icon Media Outlets RITIS flows into icon National Capital Region 511 RITIS flows into icon NRO Local TOCs RITIS flows into icon NRO Local Transit Centers RITIS flows into icon Regional Transit Clearinghouse RITIS flows into icon VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Center RITIS flows into icon VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOC RITIS flows into icon WMATA Operations Centers CapWINflows into iconRITIS DDOT TMCflows into iconRITIS Fredericksburg Regional Transit Systemflows into iconRITIS HOT Operations Centerflows into iconRITIS MATOC Centerflows into iconRITIS MDSHA CHART SOCflows into iconRITIS National Capital Region 511flows into iconRITIS National Weather Serviceflows into iconRITIS NRO Local TOCsflows into iconRITIS NRO Local Transit Centersflows into iconRITIS Regional Transit Clearinghouseflows into iconRITIS VDOT NOVA District Construction Managementflows into iconRITIS VDOT NOVA District Maintenanceflows into iconRITIS VDOT NRO MPSTOC - Signal Centerflows into iconRITIS VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOCflows into iconRITIS VDOT Video Clearinghousesflows into iconRITIS WMATA Operations Centersflows into iconRITIS

National ITS Architecture Subsystems mapped to RITIS:

National ITS Architecture Market Packages associated with RITIS:

National ITS Architecture Functional Requirements associated with RITIS:

On-Line Analysis and Mining
  1. The center shall provide the capability to perform activities such as data mining, data fusion, summarizations, aggregations, and recreation from archive data. This may include multidimensional analysis, selective summarization and expansion of data details, and many other advanced analysis services.
Virtual Data Warehouse Services
  1. The center shall provide capabilities to access "in-place" data from geographically dispersed archives. These capabilities may include analysis, data fusion, or data mining.
  2. The center shall provide the specialized publishing, directory services, and transaction management functions associated with coordinating remote archives.
  3. The center shall support the collection of archived data from other archives on an as-needed basis. (This minimizes the need to duplicate the comprehensive set of data from the remote archives in the local data warehouse.)
  4. The center shall use data collected from different archives to build a set of global schema including the data archive definitions for the local archive plus any archives known to the local archive.
ISP Data Collection
  1. The center shall collect traffic information data, traveler information data, road network use data, incident data, and maintenance and construction data from various agencies in the region


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