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IEN (Information Exchange Network) - Inventory Element

Status: Existing


The Information Exchange Network (IEN) is a separate computer system from the traffic controller's workstation and allows traffic controllers to input incident information along I-95/395/495. The I-95 Corridor Coalition has developed the IEN. The I-95 Corridor Coalition is an alliance of transportation agencies, toll authorities, and related organizations, including law enforcement, from the State of Maine to the State of Florida; the system facilitates connection to and information sharing among the coalition member agencies' facilities. This information is used by members of the I-95 Corridor Coalition to allow them to be informed of incidents within the I-95 corridor.

Stakeholder: I-95 Corridor Coalition

Systems Interconnected with IEN (Information Exchange Network)

Interconnect Diagram

Information Flow Diagrams which include IEN (Information Exchange Network):

Information Flows to/from IEN (Information Exchange Network):

IEN (Information Exchange Network) flows into icon HOT Operations Center IEN (Information Exchange Network) flows into icon VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOC HOT Operations Centerflows into iconIEN (Information Exchange Network) VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOCflows into iconIEN (Information Exchange Network)

National ITS Architecture Subsystems mapped to IEN (Information Exchange Network):

National ITS Architecture Market Packages associated with IEN (Information Exchange Network):

National ITS Architecture Functional Requirements associated with IEN (Information Exchange Network):

  • none



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