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MWAA Center Field Equipment - Inventory Element

Status: Existing


These devices are typically located along the roadside and are controlled by operators in the MWAA Center which aids them in monitoring and managing conditions. Examples include traffic controllers for the traffic signal system, CCTV, and vehicle detection.

Stakeholder: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)

Systems Interconnected with MWAA Center Field Equipment

Interconnect Diagram

Information Flow Diagrams which include MWAA Center Field Equipment:

Information Flows to/from MWAA Center Field Equipment:

MWAA Center Field Equipment flows into icon MWAA Center MWAA Centerflows into iconMWAA Center Field Equipment

National ITS Architecture Subsystems mapped to MWAA Center Field Equipment:

National ITS Architecture Market Packages associated with MWAA Center Field Equipment:

National ITS Architecture Functional Requirements associated with MWAA Center Field Equipment:

  • none



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