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VDOT Staunton TOC - Inventory Element

Status: Existing


The VDOT Staunton TOC is a nerve center of an integrated system of advanced technologies including computer software, traffic cameras, ramp meters. From the Staunton TOC, VDOT monitors and manages traffic, recognizes and responds to incidents, and instantly delivers information to motorists. The VDOT Northwestern Regional Operations area includes the VDOT Staunton and Culpeper Districts.

Stakeholder: VDOT NWRO Region 

Systems Interconnected with VDOT Staunton TOC

Interconnect Diagram

Information Flow Diagrams which include VDOT Staunton TOC:

Information Flows to/from VDOT Staunton TOC:

VDOT Staunton TOC flows into icon VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOC VDOT NRO MPSTOC - TOCflows into iconVDOT Staunton TOC

National ITS Architecture Subsystems mapped to VDOT Staunton TOC:

National ITS Architecture Market Packages associated with VDOT Staunton TOC:

National ITS Architecture Functional Requirements associated with VDOT Staunton TOC:

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