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ADMS - Archived Data Management System
AHQ - Area Headquarters
AHS - Automated Highway System
AID - Automated Incident Detection
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
APID - All Purpose Incident Detection Algorithm
ART - Arlington Transit
ARTIMIS - Advanced Regional Traffic Interactive Management & Information
ASSIST - Advanced Support System for Integrated Surface Transportation
ASTM - American Society of Testing and Materials
ATIS - Advanced Traveler Information System
ATMS - Advanced Traffic (or Transportation) Management Systems
ATR - Automatic Traffic Recorders
ATRWS - Automatic Truck Rollover Warning System
AVI - Automatic Vehicle Identification
AVL - Automated Vehicle Location


BRCC - Blue Ridge Community College


C2C - Center to Center
CAD - Computer-aided Dispatch
CAP - Common Alerting Protocol
CapTOP - District of Columbia Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center
CapWIN - Capital Wireless Integrated Network
CARS - Condition Acquisition Reporting System
CATS - Coordinated Area Transportation
CATT - Center for Advanced Transportation Technology
CCTV - Closed-circuit Television
CDPD - Cellular Digital Package Data
CHART - Coordinated Highway Action Response Team
CLRP - Constrained Long Range Plans
CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
CMS - Condition Monitoring System
COG - Council of Governments
COO - Concept of Operations
COTS - Commercial Off-the-Shelf
CRO - Central Region Operations
CSC - Customer Service Center
CUE - City of Fairfax's Bus System
CVISN - Commercial Vehicle Information System Network
CVO - Commercial Vehicle Operations


DASH - City of Alexandria Transit
DC - District of Columbia
DEMA - District of Columbia Emergency Management Agency
DDOT - District of Columbia Department of Transportation
DEMA - District of Columbia Emergency Management Agency
DMS - Dynamic Message Sign
DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles
DOJ - Department of Justice
DOT - Department of Transportation
DPW - Department of Public Works
DSRC - Dedicated Short Range Communications
DTR - Dulles Toll Road


ELG - CapWIN Executive Leadership Group
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
ENPS - Emergency Notification and Personal Security
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPSI - Electronic Payment Service Integration
ESS - Environmental Sensor Stations
ETC - Electronic Toll Collection
E-Z - Pass Electronic toll collection system used by a consortium of toll authorities in northeast United States


FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FHWA - Federal Highway Administration
FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMS - Freeway Management System
FRAT - Front Royal Area Transit
FRED - Fredericksburg Regional Transit
FTA - Federal Transit Administration
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FY - Fiscal Year


GCS - Gate Control System
GIS - Geographical Information System
GMU - George Mason University
GPS - Global Positioning System
GUI - Graphical User Interface
GW - George Washington


HAR - Highway Advisory Radio
Hazmat - Hazardous Materials
HOT - High Occupancy Toll
HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle
HRI - Highway-Rail Intersection
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
HTRIS - Highway Traffic Roadway Information System


ICAS - Inventory Condition Assessment System
IDS - Incident Detection System
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEN - Information Exchange Network
IIMS - Integrated Incident Management System
IMC - Inspection, Maintenance, and Construction
IMMS - Integrated Maintenance Management System
IMS - Incident Management System
IP - Internet Protocol
IRRIS - Intelligent Road/Rail Information Server
ISP - Information Service Provider or Internet Service Provider
IT - Information Technology
ITD - Information Technology Division
ITMS - Integrated Transportation Management Systems
ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems
IVR - Integrated Voice Response


LCS - Lane Control System
LCMS - Lane Closure Management System
LED - Light Emitting Diode


M&O/ITS - Management & Operations/ITS
MATOC - Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination
MCO - Maintenance and Construction Operations
MDOT - Maryland Department of Transportation
MDSHA - Maryland State Highway Administration
MIST - Management Information System for Transportation
MMTIS - Multi-Modal Traveler Information System
MMS - Multimedia Messaging System
MNCPPC - Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission
MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization
MPSTOC - McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center
MS-ETMCC - Message Set for External Traffic Management Center Communications
MTPD - WMATA Transit Police Department
MUTCD - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
MWAA - Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority
MWCOG - Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments


NCR - National Capital Region
NCRIP - National Capitol Region Interoperability Program
NCRTPB - National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board
NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NHS - National Highway System
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NoVA - Virginia Department of Transportation Northern Virginia District
NPS - National Park Service
NPS/USPP - National Park Service/United States Park Police
NRO - Northern Region Operations
NTCIP - National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol
NTOC - National Transportation Operations Coalition
NV - Northern Virginia
NVTC - Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
NWRO - Northwest Region Operations
NWS - National Weather Service


OER - Octet Encoding Rules
OPSC - Office of Public Safety Communications


PPD - Planning and Program Delivery
PRTC - Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
PSAP - Public Safety Answering Point
PSCC - Public Safety Communications Centers
PSOC - Public Safety Operations Center
PSTOC - Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center


RECPSM - Regional Emergency Coordination Plan
RICCS - Regional Incident Communication and Coordination System
RITIS - Regional Integrated Transportation Information System
RMS - Ramp Metering System
ROC - Roadside Operations Computer
RPA - Roadside Pollution Assessment
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
RTMS - Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor
RWIS - Road Weather Information System


SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
SDO - Standards Develop Organization
SOC - State-wide Operations Center
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SSP - Safety Service Patrol
STAR - Specialized Transit for Arlington Residents
STC - Smart Traffic Center
STL - Smart Travel Lab
STMF - Simple Transportation Management Framework
STP - Surface Transportation Program
STSS - Smart Traffic Signal System


T&ES - City of Alexandria Traffic Signal Operations
TDM - Transportation Demand Management
TEOC - Transportation Emergency Operations Center
TFO - Traffic Field Operations
TIP - Transportation Improvement program
TMC - Traffic Management Center
TMDD - Traffic Management Data Dictionary
TMS - Traffic Management System
TOC - Traffic Operations Center
TOOT - Town of Orange Transit
TPB - Transportation Planning Board
TRIP - Toll Road Investors Partnership
TSMC - Traffic System Management Center


UMD - University of Maryland
USDOT - United States Department of Transportation
USPP - United States Park Police
UVA - University of Virginia


VCS - Vehicle Classification System
VDEM - Virginia Department of Emergency Management
VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation
VDRPT - Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation
VII - Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
VITA - Virginia Information Technology Agency
VMS - Variable Message Sign
VOIS - Virginia Operations Information System
VRE - Virginia Railway Express
VRRP - Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
VRTA - Virginia Regional Transit
VSP - Virginia State Police
VTRC - Virginia Transportation Research Council
VTIP - Virginia Transportation Information Portal
VTTI - Virginia Tech Transportation Institute


WebEOC - Web-based Emergency Operations Center (software system)
WMATA - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


XML - eXtensible Markup Language

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