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Operating Concept

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An operating concept is a high-level description of an ITS system that emphasizes the roles and relationships of key stakeholders. It summarizes the "big picture", showing major system elements and their general relationships in the long-term (10-year) view.

The Northern Virginia Operating Concept is detailed in the NRO Strategic Plan. The Program Areas presented in the Strategic Plan relate to market packages in the Northern Virginia ITS Architecture. Each market package provides insight into the stakeholders in the region that are involved with that service. These stakeholders for market packages then become the stakeholders for the Program Areas as well.

Each program area includes a brief overview, followed by a list of implementing strategies and links to market packages that support that program area.

Program Areas:

  1. Traveler Information
  2. Corridor/Congestion Management
  3. Emergency Management
  4. Incident Management
  5. Road-Weather Management
  6. Safety and Incident Prevention
  7. Regional and Statewide Coordination
  8. Construction and Work Zone Management
  9. Data Management
  10. Asset Management
  11. Enabling Activities

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