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Navigating the Architecture

Stakeholders | System Inventory | Market Packages | Entities | Operating Concept


This section of the website provides the web-version of the Northern Virginia ITS architecture. The architecture can be accessed through any of the following gateways depending on user’s interest.

Stakeholder Door Stakeholders - View the architecture
from an agency's perspective.
(example – VDOT NRO, MWCOG etc)


System Inventory  Door System Inventory - View the architecture
from a system perspective (example – VDOT MPSTOC-TOC,
VDOT Arlington SSP Vehicles etc)

Market Package Market Packages - View the architecture
from a specific services perspective. (example – regional traffic control,
reversible lane operation etc)


Entities door Entities - View the architecture
from a subsystem or a functional perspective
(example - traffic management, transit management)


Op Concept Door Operating Concept - View the NRO Program Areas
and explore the market packages related to each.

Disclaimer: This site is designed for transportation and other public agencies in the Northern Virginia region,
not for the general public's use. The official VDOT web site is located at